Of Other Spaces

Keilestraat 9c, 3029 BP Rotterdam
31 JAN - 4 feb

Reflective foils vibrate, slowly transforming a space into an entangled mosaic before warping back into her original shape.

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Elsemarijn Bruys & Boris Acket

Elsemarijn Bruys

is a visual artist with a strong curiosity for sensory perception. In her hybrid practice, she alternates between making sculptures and architectural interventions, the spatial experience being her starting point. Her background in fashion is a major influence in her sculptural work. She works with air as a medium and even considers it her collaborator.

Boris Acket

is a contemporary artist, composer & director specialized in multidisciplinary projects within music, installation-art, performance & film. Acket operates as a conductor of creative processes, working both solo and in collaborations, like Working Titles or Dutch artist collective De Lichting. His debut album ‘Home’ got released in 2021.